Originations: HARP Underwater Refi Qualifying Checklist & Guidance


Originations: HARP Underwater Refi Qualifying Checklist & Guidance

Today’s Originations linkfest is specialized in the Home low-cost Refinance Program (HARP) that allows homeowners that are underwater refinance. HARP ended up being set to expire at the conclusion with this 12 months and it has now been expanded to perform through the termination of 2015. Pay particular focus on links by other home loan banker Dan Green whom writes TheMortgageReports blog—he’s all around the latest HARP happenings. Additionally here are the 5 Key Questions To pose a question to your Loan Officer About HARP Refis, an item provided for me personally by another other mortgage banker Craig Reynolds.

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Are you currently considering HARP refinancing, but they are maybe maybe perhaps not certain that you may be qualified to directory receive this home loan system? Have actually you attempted to be eligible for the HARP system without success? In case the response is “yes” to either of the concerns, it’s important you not merely keep yourself well-informed concerning the Home low-cost Refinance Program (HARP) certification instructions, but which you find that loan officer (LO) who has got an entire knowledge of these tips.

HARP was made for property owners that have been able to stay on top of the mortgage repayments, but who will be underwater with a home loan financial obligation that is more than exactly just exactly what their house is currently worth. With regards to the situation, the HARP home loan system might end up being the refinance choice that can help save your self these property owners – property owners as if you – from drowning.

Having said that, to benefit from a HARP loan, you will need to qualify. To ascertain your eligibility also to be sure you need to ask your LO these 5 very important HARP refinancing questions that you have the right loan officer for the job:

(1) Does HARP refinancing connect with condos or property that is rental? Yes, you can use it to refinance either a flat or property that is rental. Locate a loan provider or a participating bank in the nation that may get this take place. Never accept a loan provider who cannot or will perhaps not refinance these properties.

(2) do you want to accept mortgage insurance coverage transfers? Your loan officer should accept home loan insurance coverage transfers, whether or perhaps not or otherwise not you’ve got lender paid home loan insurance coverage (LPMI) or mortgage that is private (PMI). If they are maybe maybe perhaps not accepted, look for a LO who can accept home loan insurance coverage transfers.

(3) Have you got loan-to-value financing limitations? Some lenders follow aged guidelines and implement a loan-to-value ratio (LTV) limitation of 105%. But, the LTV laws for the HARP system have actually changed. You can find just LTV limitations on loans which are more when compared to a 30 12 months term as well as on adjustable price mortgages. Apart from that, so long you are not subject to limitations as you have a new fixed rate mortgage loan that is less than or no longer than a 30 year term. Consequently, in case your LTV is with in excess of 105%, select a lender who because access to raised LTVs.

(4) Does my present mortgage make me personally a candidate that is eligible HARP refinancing? To look for the reply to this concern, your loan officer should be aware that so that you can qualify, you have to meet the criteria that are following

– Your mortgage should be guaranteed in full or owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

– you really must be current on your own home loan repayments going back year that is fullone year).

– you must certainly not have formerly refinanced underneath the Residence low-cost Refinance Program, unless it absolutely was a HARP loan that took place between March and may even of 2009 and had been refinanced by Fannie Mae.

– at the moment, your home loan should have a LTV that surpasses 80%

– Your home loan will need to have been offered to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae on or just before might 31, 2009.

(5) can be an assessment needed? an assessment is almost certainly not necessary since you may qualify for an assessment waiver. Select an LO whom knows the procedure that is proper entering your details with the Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae automated underwriting systems. This method will figure out it is something that your LO should do if you qualify for an appraisal waiver and.

Keep carefully the above five concerns at heart once you check out that loan officer to ascertain your HARP refinancing eligibility. Only a few loan providers have actually the appropriate comprehension of HARP certification directions. In reality, there were instances when loan providers have created underwriting overlays that caused the home owner become rejected, whenever in fact the home owner came across the program’s tips.

Hence, when you are armed with the right information, you will find a specialist who has got the mandatory HARP system and are going to be in a position to work in your very best passions.

Craig Reynolds is just a experienced home loan industry veteran with more than 15 years expertise in handling and loan consulting. More details here. ___ Follow The Writers

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