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See listed here video to learn more about solving 500 Internal Server Errors.


The customer software gets an HTTP position laws of 500 using content “interior machine mistake” as an answer for API phone calls. The 500 inner servers error might be due to one through the delivery of every plan within Edge or by a mistake throughout the target/backend servers.

The HTTP position rule 500 was a general mistake reaction. This means the host encountered an unexpected condition that stopped they from rewarding the request. This error is normally came back by machine whenever few other mistake code is suitable.

Mistake Messages

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You might get the next error information:

Sometimes, you may observe another mistake information that has more details. Here’s a sample mistake content:

Feasible Reasons

The 500 Internal Server mistake could be tossed due to a variety of factors. In Edge, the causes may be classified into two main groups considering the spot where the error occurred:

Execution Mistake in an advantage Rules

An insurance plan within API proxy may fail for whatever reason. This part clarifies how exactly to diagnose the challenge when the 500 interior machine mistake occurs during the execution of an insurance plan.


Diagnostic Measures for Personal and Community Affect Users

If you possess the trace UI program when it comes to error, subsequently:

  1. Check your mistake ended up being triggered by the delivery of a policy. Discover identifying the foundation for the difficulty for details.
  2. In the event that mistake took place during rules delivery, continue.. In the event the error got caused by the backend server, head to Error in the Backend host.
  3. Find the API request that will be a deep failing with 500 interior Server mistake in trace.
  4. Study the request and choose the precise coverage with which has hit a brick wall or the movement called “mistake” that will be rigtht after the unsuccessful coverage from inside the trace.
  5. Have more factual statements about the error either by checking the “error” area in residential properties part and/or mistake information.
  6. By using the information you have amassed about the mistake, just be sure to discover the influence.

Symptomatic Strategies for Professional Cloud Users Merely

Without having the trace UI program, after that:

  1. Check that error taken place throughout the delivery of a policy. Read identifying the source associated with the complications for details.
  2. In the event that error is as a result of policy delivery, manage. If mistake took place during rules delivery, manage. If the error was as a result of the backend host, head to Error within the Backend host.
  3. Utilize the Nginx accessibility logs as discussed in Determining the source of the problem to ascertain the failing plan during the API proxy because distinctive consult content id
  4. Check the Message Processor logs ( /opt/apigee/var/log/edge-message-processor/logs/system.log ) and search for exclusive demand information id involved.
  5. When you do discover the special demand content ID, try to acquire more information about the source for the troubles.


When you have determined the reason for the condition with all the rules, you will need to recommended the situation by fixing the policy and redeploying the proxy.

Here advice illustrate ideas on how to identify the cause and solution for different kinds of issues.

If you want additional services in troubleshooting 500 interior machine Error or you think it’s a problem within side, get in touch with Apigee assistance.

Example 1: breakdown in Service Callout policy due to an error into the backend host

If name to the backend servers fails in the Service Callout policy with any mistake particularly 4XX or 5XX, it are handled as 500 interior servers Error.

  1. Discover a good example in which the backend services fails with a 404 error in the Service Callout rules. The following error content is sent to your person:
  2. These trace UI session shows 500 position laws caused because a mistake in-service Callout plan:

  • In this example, the “error” land lists the cause of this service membership Callout rules problems as “ResponseCode 404 is treated as mistake”. This mistake may possibly occur in the event that resource being reached through the backend server URL into the solution Callout rules just isn’t available.
  • Look at the accessibility to the resource on backend servers. This may not be readily available temporarily/permanently or this may have already been gone to live in an alternative venue.
  • Example 1 Resolution

    1. Look at the option of the resource from the backend host. This may not be available temporarily/permanently or it might have-been transferred to an alternate place.
    2. Fix the backend server Address within the services Callout policy to point to a valid and present source.
    3. If the resource is only temporarily unavailable, next try putting some API consult the moment the site can be obtained.

    Sample 2: Problems in Herb Factors Coverage

    Let’s now see another example, where 500 inside host Error are triggered because of one in the Extract factors policy to discover just how to diagnose and deal with the problem.

      Listed here trace in UI session reveals 500 reputation code because of one in plant factors policy:

    Choose the faltering herb factors rules, scroll straight down and check out the “mistake content material” point for more facts:

  • The Error material suggests that the”serviceCallout.oamCookieValidationResponse” adjustable just isn’t in the Extract factors policy. Since the title of changeable indicates, it must be keeping the feedback regarding the preceding services Callout coverage.
  • Select the services Callout coverage for the trace and also you might find your “serviceCallout.oamCookieValidationResponse” variable had not been set. This suggests that the call for the backend solution failed, creating an empty responses variable.
  • Although the provider Callout rules have hit a brick wall, the performance of procedures after Service Callout policy carry on since “continueOnError” flag for the services Callout rules is placed to true, as revealed below:

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