Making your Cannabis that is own Oil


Making your Cannabis that is own Oil

  • 1 gram (1000 mg) of THC oil – focus on 50 mg per suppository. (Use whatever product you like. Make use of a lab tested item that you can make use of in a measured dosage).
  • 250 mg of CBD oil – Optional; focus on 10mg per suppository (The CBD oil adds anti-inflammatory properties, it is not essential)
  • Coconut oil or cacao butter ? cup or less – Amount relies on just how numerous suppositories you’re making.
  • Something to make use of being a mildew for the suppository – Mini ice cube trays, suppository mold, empty 00 gelatin capsules (Choose your choice; all available on Amazon)

  • Melt coconut oil or cacao butter in a water bath that is hot.
  • Measure THC and CBD oil for the dosage.
    • You are able to either place the medicine in your mold first and you can add the extra coconut or cacao oil towards the mildew (like in the very first movie below), or
    • Blend the medicine in to the warm coconut or cacao oil and adding into the mold (as in the next video below).
    • Use whichever technique you prefer so you can take control of your dosage and minimize waste.
  • Place in the fridge for an hour or so.
  • Utilize as needed.
  • As everybody responds differently test out the quantity of THC you need until you get the relief.

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