Discovery of Ancient Torah Shows Jews Worship Satan? (updated foreword by Senior Editor)


Discovery of Ancient Torah Shows Jews Worship Satan? (updated foreword by Senior Editor)

Turkish Police Heal Stolen Jewish Torah Scrolls Decorated With Satanic Illuminati Symbolism

Foreword by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

We have been in a pugilative war of great and evil far beyond any such thing envisioned in religious teachings. Why don’t we preface with “corrected windage. ”

Erase the relative lines between pagan and non-pagan, between faith and mythology. Why don’t we additionally correct the schedule, just take everything you probably think was the entire world in 4000 BCE and move it right back up to 10k years.

Result in the Mediterranean a pond, freshwater totally, given by a number of vast waterways that constructed North Africa, without any Sahara Desert. Fill the Arabian Peninsula with city-states, woodlands, agricultural land and perhaps start thinking about that much of what exactly is now attributed to early Middle Eastern civilizations may well have existed somewhere else, now beneath the sands.

Observe that through the Reagan years, the area shuttle overflew this region utilizing ground-penetrating that is advancedSAR) radar. The outcome erased history that is biblical, therefore, had been categorized just after a small release through nationwide Geographic.

There was clearly no Ebony Sea additionally the Balkans were simple competitors to the center East.

At some time, you can find the items we could just imagine at, just what took place to world, geo-formed into everything we see today, empty deserts, an old globe erased and then fictionalized.

That which we lose too could be the beginning regarding the gods, Moloch, Baal, those talked of in Genesis.

Who have been these gods?

“Thou shalt haven’t any other gods before Me”

That which we can say for certain is which they had been effective, these people were known in addition they “farmed” humanity. The loss of Moloch, through the series Sleepy Hollow:

Had been they opposed, in certain method, by Egyptian monotheism?

Then, whenever visiting Baalbek in Lebanon or Egypt, so we see rocks that weigh hundreds of tons, items that absolutely absolutely nothing can move, used as foundations for cities and temples, we ask ourselves, “Who did this and did they demand the lives of your kids in repayment? Today\

Silly concern? Continue reading.

Though Deuteronomy is caused by Moses, few scholars just simply simply take this seriously. This is really important since it is Deuteronomy that addresses the problem of Israelites and son or daughter sacrifice. The story of Abraham itself is also open to interpretation with great risk.

Deuteronomy had been “engineered” back in its history to be able to clean the storyline of Abraham of dilemmas of kid sacrifice and, in doing this, puts a great deal else into concern, but that’s not that which we are right right here to speak about today.

Had been anyone to go Deuteronomy towards the fifth Century BCE (4-500 BC), the time of classical Greece and also the founding of Rome, hence untying it from silly creationist theology, we come across one thing quite various. Deuteronomy, particularly 12:31 details the worship of Baphomet and Moloch within Judaism as well as the extensive training of son or daughter sacrifice.

You shall perhaps not worship god your Jesus in that way, for every single abominable thing that the father hates they will have done for his or her gods, for they also burn their sons and their daughters into the fire with their gods.

We also start to see the genuine foundation for the strange twists in Evangelical Christianity, Freemasonry, other secret “Mega” societies therefore the esoteric methods associated with the Jesuits. We additionally might well gain a rationale for the variety within Judaism, with an oligarchy of Moloch worshipers following a Babylonian teachings and a conventional of Jews whom follow old-fashioned thinking.

The data of coordinated and widespread son or daughter sacrifice/child intimate abuse methods within a diverse coalition, because it had been, of apparently divergent thinking, gives rise to guide of the theory supporting the existence of a concealed faith behind the Kosher Nostra.

Much about Donald Trump becomes clear right right right here.

To date, that’s where we have been led. Our company is ready to accept there are Jews whom don’t worship Moloch but there are numerous that do, and additionally they control Israel beneath the Likudists and express power that is considerable.

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