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A new bill has been signed, and the censorship of internet has drastically increased, which marked the start of VPN ban in Russia. It is not clear if the ban on VPN services includes punishment for VPN use as is the case in China.

When it comes to internet freedom, usage, and rights, Paraguay citizens live in a free country, and the government is not aiming to change this soon according to reports while citizens are also free to make use of VPNs. VPN use is both legal and illegal in North Korea, a country that ranks top when it comes to any form of censorship. By 2014, almost 93% of Netherlands population was using the internet, and it is a vital part of the citizens daily life and activities. The country is known for its freedom, and in general, no internet bans are in place, and VPN use is legal. In Mali, internet adaption has been slow due to unreliable and very slow connectivity, and thus far very little interference from the government have been experienced by the citizens, while it is also legal to use VPNs.

Internet penetration is very low in Madagascar, and apart from the occasional censorship, the country allows internet freedom while it is legal to use VPNs. Less than a quarter of Lesotho residents use the internet, and with the really low penetration of internet the government has not tried to restrict or censor the use of internet, and it is legal to use a VPN. No reported government censorships interference has ever been reported with Latvia citizens internet usage and while even Russia websites are hosted the use of VPNs are also completely legal.

Using a VPN, you can access geo-blocked blocked content by rerouting your traffic through an intermediary server in the country where the content is available for streaming. In Uruguay VPN use are legal, and there have been no reports of internet censorship by the government. No reports have been published regarding VPN use, and it remains legal. In a country known for its no internet interference policy, several reports have surfaced regarding ISPs banning sites such as WikiLeaks and news outlets. No laws have been passed on making the use of VPNs illegal, and citizens can use VPNs currently.

The Russia VPN ban is believed to have stemmed from the ruling in China. It is also believed that the law was implemented to ban VPN and is best vpn for streaming not so much focused on blocking websites as it pretends to be. The Philippines government have made attempts to censor or block any websites and citizens can enjoy full access to the internet and VPN use. Peruvians enjoy complete freedom in internet accessibility, and Peru offers a free and safe environment for all while the use of VPNs is legal.

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