According to the FDP, the existing regulation endangers the best interests of the child


According to the FDP, the existing regulation endangers the best interests of the child

The relationship between father and mother was so good that Klaus S. could meet his son regularly.

Then came the U-turn. Klaus S. is now like that "mirror" announced being sued by the boy’s mothers for child support. The situation for donors and recipients of "foreign seed" is not precisely regulated by law in Germany. The contract that Klaus S. concluded with the women does not apply under family law. Because the best interests of the child are more important, sperm donors are, even afterwards and contrary to contracts to the contrary, liable for maintenance and the children are accordingly entitled to inheritance. Klaus S. has now for his part denied paternity and wants to clarify his case in court.

The following tips show how best to deal with homosexuality in old age. The need for care is a fearful issue for many seniors, especially if you are homosexual.

Homosexuality in old age: the consequences of years of discrimination

Homosexuality used to be unacceptable and many did not admit it publicly for their entire lives for fear of discrimination. Therefore, it is still difficult for homosexual seniors to deal with it. Because of this, many try to hide homosexuality and just live it out in secret. The younger generations, on the other hand, find outing and an open life much easier. But public discrimination is still present in all areas of life, which is why life does not become easy in old age.

Problems of Homosexuality in Old Age: Family and Friends

Often, homosexual seniors do not have their own offspring, which is why there are no more relatives in the last phase of life. If the partner has already passed away, there are often only friends left as contact persons. A big problem for older homosexuals is when they become dependent. Unfortunately, there are residents and nursing staff in nursing homes who cannot deal with homosexuality in a neutral way, which makes the stay a torture. If like-minded people are missing for the occasional exchange, loneliness is inevitable.

Homosexuals should make provisions in good time in the event that they need care, because there are also institutions that take homosexual lifestyles into consideration and the residents have nothing to fear in this regard. You can seek advice on suitable institutions from various initiatives or on the Internet.

Against the backdrop of falling birth rates, the FDP is campaigning for better adoption options. The rigid age limit, according to which the distance between the parents and the child must not be more than 40 years, should be abolished, said group vice-president Miriam Greeting. "Even if the birth parents are getting older nowadays, a larger age difference must also be possible in the case of adoptions."

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Demand for more flexible age limits

Federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger (FDP) supports the demand for more flexible age limits. The aim of the adoption is a functioning parent-child relationship, the minister told the newspaper. But one cannot fix that to rigid age limits.

Adoption for gays and lesbians too

Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger also considers the FDP’s demand for an adoption right for gays and lesbians to be appropriate. Children grow up in such families as well as in other unions. But on this issue one is not of the same opinion with the coalition partner, said the minister.

The adoption right for gay and lesbian couples takes care of one "mirror"- Report on differences in the black-yellow coalition. "Same-sex couples must finally have the same rights when it comes to adoptions"said the FDP social expert Michael Kauch. So far, only one partner is allowed to adopt a child. The Union vehemently rejects the initiative of the Liberals, writes the magazine. Dorothee Bär (CSU), family policy spokeswoman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, wants to prevent "that the marriage further eroded" will. The family exists for the Union "Father mother Child".

Adoption ban unconstitutional

The scientific service of the Bundestag had classified the adoption ban for same-sex couples as unconstitutional last week. There is a loud argument in the coalition "mirror" about what is best for the children. According to the FDP, the existing regulation endangers the best interests of the child. The FDP MP Miriam Greetings demanded from the Union to give her "Blocked attitude" to give up. On the other hand, the CDU family expert Marco Wanderwitz argued that the right of adoption was for homosexual couples "not conducive to the best interests of the child". The opinion of the Bundestag is also "not constitutionally relevant".

Guide – Requirements for an adoption in Germany

Child welfare not impaired

The parliamentary manager of the Green parliamentary group, Volker Beck, referred to the results of a study by the Federal Ministry of Justice, according to which the best interests of children in registered civil partnerships are not impaired. At the "Discrimination in adoption law" must no longer be held, demanded Beck.

Holidays for gays (combo:

Although it is impossible to imagine public life without film and television without it, many gay men still do not feel free from current social norms. You rarely see a homosexual couple holding open hands or kissing in public, and many hold back, especially on vacation. We show you some examples where homosexual vacation dreams come true – also in our photo series.




TUI has a heart for gays

TUI has discovered the financially potent target group of gays. Under the title "Gay & Travel: Worldwide on the move" the market leader has one "Magalog" released. The 50-page brochure not only contains hotel recommendations, but also expert tips on the holiday areas: the best shopping mile, the nicest cafe, the trendiest bar, the most beautiful beach. The offer includes trips to Gran Canaria, Ibiza, Sitges, Mykonos and Florida as well as to the cities of Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, London, Stockholm, Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. The magazine-like catalog was created in cooperation with publigayte, the association of gay metropolitan magazines in Germany, and is available in the TUI travel centers, First travel agencies and Hapag-Lloyd travel agencies.

Holidays on Gayisland

The entrepreneur Carlo Didillon (44) has set himself the goal of creating a paradise for the gay community – Gayisland. Gayisland – sounds big, sounds like an island, sounds like freedom. And after sun, beach and sea. Probably the biggest and most exciting project in the history of the homosexual travel industry should also be connected with these associations. A holiday island is planned that is fully geared towards the wishes and needs of the gay target group. Initiator Carlo Didillon has already set his sights on several islands near Africa in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. An infrastructure similar to a small town is to be created there, which will offer space for around 10,000 vacationers and residents. Initiator Carlo Didillon puts the investment volume at 1.5 to 2 billion euros. “Gayisland is the realization of the dream of real freedom,” he says, “many gays dream of being accepted – just as they are. They want to be able to decide for themselves what and whom they love without having to feel like provoking others or being ridiculed. Each of us is looking for, yes, we want a place where we can really be free. Gayisland is the realization of this dream. ”Carlo Didillon, co-operator of the websites and, knows his target group very well and knows what his“ boys and men ”expect from an unforgettable holiday:“ We will create great shopping opportunities and Build exciting bars and discos with top DJs for lots of fun and unique parties. In the country districts you get to know the way of life of gays from all over the world. “

Gay Hotel Berlin

Axel Hotels, the world’s first hotel chain geared towards the gay community, opened a hotel in Berlin this year. The capital of Germany will be the third location of an Axel Hotel after Barcelona and Buenos Aires. The hotel is located in the Schöneberg district, in the heart of the gay scene. Many bars and restaurants, bookshops, discos and cinemas, but also fashion shops with style and elegance, form an extensive, varied environment full of history. The musical Cabaré, which was created in the twenties of the previous century, comes from exactly this part of the city. Schöneberg was already the epicenter of gay events in Berlin back then. Axel Hotels chose Berlin as the location for the third hotel mainly because Berlin is an open, trendy and tolerant city with a rich past and a spectacular gay scene.

Nothing beats the rainbow

The main feature of the Axel Hotel Berlin is an open ambience, free from any defamation and with absolute respect for the sexual preferences of our guests. A place where every person is welcome and valued without prejudice, but also with a hetero-friendly philosophy. The hotel has 85 guest rooms. It offers the guest maximum comfort: king-size beds, plasma TV, iPod on stage speakers, room safe and room service, Wi-Fi connections throughout the hotel and much more. A special, representative feature of the house are the cylinders in which the 5 suites and 11 junior suites are located. The restaurant called Kitchen, with a beautiful garden terrace, and a cocktail bar called Urban Bar, the Sky Bar (open air lounge on the roof of the hotel) and the Axel Wellness Center with jacuzzi, sauna, hammam and massage cabins on the 6th floor plenty of variety. Nothing beats the rainbow: The eye-catching symbol of the chain, the Axel mosaic inspired by the gay rainbow, is also integrated in Berlin.

Airline ensnares gays and lesbians

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) was the first European airline to put a gay site online at, with which it aims to reach the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual market. The tips of a gay crew with the highlights in Stockholm and Copenhagen are below "Offers in Scandinavia" to find. In 2009 Copenhagen will host the World Out Games, a sports and cultural festival for the gay scene, of which SAS is a partner. For its online presence, the airline cooperates with the tourist information offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen, the Swedish publisher QX and the organization Copenhagen Gay Life. Together with its partners, it puts daily updated city maps, travel guides and event calendars for homosexuals online.

Copenhagen: Gay Games at Tivoli

In the summer of 2009, the Danish capital will be transformed into a gay metropolis. Then Copenhagen will host the second World Outgames, which, according to the organizers, should appeal to the body, mind and senses. The big event will take place until August 2nd. Up to 10,000 gays, lesbians and transsexuals from all over the world are expected – that is more people than will participate in the Olympic Games. The first World Outgames took place in 2006 in Montreal, Canada, with 180,000 participants from 111 countries. The program of the World Outgames 2009 includes 38 different sports competitions from aerobics to wrestling as well as a wide variety of cultural events and of course many parties. World Outgames is being organized by GLISA, the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association, in cooperation with Wonderful Copenhagen. The outgames are to take place every four years, the next time in 2013. More information on the Internet at and Further information:


Axel Hotels Berlin Lietzenburger Strasse, 13/15, 10789 Schöneberg, Berlin, Tel. (+49) 30 2100 28 93, Fax (+49) 30 2100 28 94,, Internet: Berlin

Outgames Copenhagen Internet: and

Scandinavian Airlines travel tips for gays in Copenhagen and Stockholm


When teenagers discover their sexuality, it becomes difficult for some of them if it is not up to the norm. Coming out during puberty is also so difficult because this time in itself is difficult to get through. Parents are usually not of much help when it comes to talking about homosexuality.

Coming out during puberty: fears and problems

It is a difficult step for young people to be open about their own sexuality in front of family and friends. But only with this step, further development can proceed undisturbed. Often times, the greatest fear is that the youngsters believe that the family will be shocked by the news, or even that the news will come to a total disapproval. Unfortunately, in many cases this is actually the case, which is why it is kept secret for as long as possible.

Coming out during puberty is also difficult for families

Depending on how open and tolerant the parents are, coming out can be difficult or easy. Families in which belief forbids homosexuality cannot cope with coming out at all and the result is a break with the family. But even parents who describe themselves as tolerant often do not know how to deal with the situation. Many think it’s just a phase and don’t take it seriously. And even if the public is much more open about the issue today, very few parents want to accept a homosexual child. When the external coming-out has been completed, the young person also depends on the support of their parents and should not be turned down.

Children do not necessarily need parents of different sexes in order to grow up safely. Even the offspring of homosexual parents can grow up normally and happily, US scientists believe. Timothy Biblarz from the University of Southern California and Judith Stacey from New York University came to this conclusion after studying the parent-child relationship.

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