We attempted the “High, There” dating app for stoners to locate love


We attempted the “High, There” dating app for stoners to locate love

Feb 15, 2018 10:16 am By Angie Piccirillo

Me you are SO over dating apps — how many weirdos can possibly live in the vicinity of a five mile radius if you’re like? I believe I removed the very last of the “let’s carry on a bad-idea adventure date” apps in 2013 combined with the last guy’s quantity whom I came across at a wine club and then faked i acquired unwell.

But additionally, meeting dudes the d fashioned way — especially in l . a . — is anything but effortless. I often would like to remain house and toke a blunt in my own hi Kitty pajama pants and consume cheesy popcorn on my own instead of heading out and attempting to satisfy males.

Therefore like, why can’t I simply accomplish that with a guy rather than going out on an uncomfortable date? I will, because there’s like, an application for that.

In fact, there’s a entire software for those who wish to fulfill and obtain high together — aptly called, High There! Its functionality is quite comparable to Tinder: swipe directly to go on to the following, hit the giant “High There” switch at the center if you want everything you see. Then if you end up getting a match, it will probably open a talk for y’all to go over if you like Indica or Sativa flowed by long walks regarding the coastline.

I tried the app myself and discovered a pic of the guy we’ll call “Jake” who legit appeared to be a stock photo — or at least, a headshot that is acting have been face tuned to excellence. After matching with “Jake” — we delivered him a message. Their “Story” on his web web page mentioned he’d want to “find a cigarette smoking buddy, — one that’s fun to smoke cigarettes with making down with wod be a large bonus.” Therefore I figured like, hopefly he likes Hello Kitty pajama pants, right?

After no reaction all day and night, I just flat out asked if if he had been a bot simply here to confuse me — but alternatively i acquired a tremendously bot-like reaction, “Oh Hi there! Sorry I was taken by it way too long to react, I never match with anybody on right here.” Insert attention rl. I’d like to state that he has not responded to my humble request after I demanded a face time to prove “Jake” was a real person. TBH, I’m still hoping you will see some kind of proof before this story posts making sure that there some form of pay off to reading this. I’d also prefer to tell “Jake” I super lied about my age. Whoops.

Maybe my personal favorite benefit of this dating application, is that rather associated with the classic cock photos you’d anticipate on every other software, these guys mostly take selfies using their biggest blunts of all time. Into that so you can still judge by size, if you’re. You could find a beach that is occasional, but there are lots of shots of agrictural weed gardens to gander, you realize, in the event one of the deal breakers is the fact that your significant other will need to have an eco-friendly thumb or whatevs.

Another bonus, is the fact that people’s usernames are kinda hilarious. Some faves consist of: 420fife and PNappleXprss. We additionally have actually an admiration for folks who list the way they celebrate 420 — in case it is outside of the norm of making snacks out for Snoop Dogg. I’m still swiping suitable for now, but hands crossed I’ll find a who’s that is dude naturally rled Lowell Indica smokes, cheesy popcorn and undoubtedly, my Hello Kitty pajamas.

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