Needlework continuing education program


Needlework continuing education program

In the world of rapidly progressing technologies, children prefer to spend their free time playing computer games, which does little to expand their interests and horizons. One of the tasks of continuing education teachers is to ensure the creative development of the younger generation. Practicing good old handicrafts is not only a tribute to tradition, it is also a proven effective way to form a comprehensively developed personality.


The main tasks of the circlesDirectionsWhat a child will learn in beading lessons

The “Skillful Hands” supplementary education program is focused on early identification and maximum development of creativity and fantasy in children. Classes in a handicraft circle not only form an artistic taste, but also contribute to the harmonious development of both hemispheres of the brain, which has a positive effect on the mental abilities of the child and his further intellectual growth.

Main goals

The program of additional education in needlework performs educational, educational and developmental tasks. Applied creativity:

develops a sense of responsibility for the business started;increases attentiveness and perseverance;teaches to be accurate;instills the skills of respect for the material;fosters a respectful attitude towards the results of their own and others’ work.

The kid learns to achieve the set goal, despite the difficulties, as a result of which self-confidence and self-esteem increases.


The most popular are the programs of additional education in needlework of the example of essay writing about my teacher my hero following types:

Origami is a graceful Japanese technique for making various figures out of paper – flowers, animals, birds, buildings, etc. Perfectly develops imagination.Cross-stitch – teaches you to independently understand the schemes, carefully handle the needle, combine colors.Knitting – gives not only valuable practical skills, but also helps the kid to quickly master the count.Decoupage – decorating various objects with compound ornaments from all kinds of materials introduces the principles of building integral systems.Clay modeling – develops the ability to calculate proportions.Artistic glass painting stimulates creativity: children see that an amazingly beautiful thing can be made from the most ordinary glass.Beading, a distinctive ancient technique for making all sorts of objects, is a fun way to improve spatial thinking.

What a child will learn in beading lessons

The result of classes in a bead weaving circle will be the mastery of all the techniques of this skill. The teacher will introduce you to the varieties of beads, talk about their disadvantages and advantages, explain which of the varieties is better to use for a certain technique, teach children to understand the beadwork patterns without outside help, and later compose them on their own.

The additional education program on beading takes into account the age characteristics of the group. Practical exercises are not strictly regulated. The complexity and volume of the product are selected taking into account the individual inclinations and abilities of each child.

In the process of learning, children master basic economic knowledge – they learn to independently determine the value of the result of their labor, to prudently spend working materials. Gradually, the students have a desire to gain additional knowledge and improve in the art of beading.

A deep study of the cultural heritage of the Russian people and familiarization with the artistic traditions of beadwork contributes to the versatile development of the personality. Submission of educational material takes place directly in the process of practical training and during excursions to museums, visits to exhibitions.

Training takes place in three stages:

assimilation of basic information and the acquisition of elementary skills in the art of beading;expansion of acquired skills;deepening the knowledge gained and improving skills, performing highly professional work of increased complexity.

Before starting the practice sessions, the teacher should make sure that all children have learned the rules for the safe use of the tools. During the lesson, after a certain time, the teacher necessarily does physical exercises and gymnastics for the eyes. If a child has a strong interest in beading, parents should consider conducting additional individual lessons with the baby.

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