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The configuration of the hardware connection depends on whether YaST has been able to find the printer during hardware autodetection. To make sure everything works properly, each configuration should be checked with the print test function of YaST. The YaST test page also provides important information about the configuration selected. Not every printer can be configured for both printing systems. Certain configurations are only supported by either CUPS or LPRng and lpdfilter.

, which provide a graphical interface to choose among queues and to change both CUPS standard options and printer-specific options as made available through the PPD file. With this printing system, applications use the lpr command for printing. In the application, select the name of an existing queue or enter the respective print command (such as lpr -Pcolor) in the print dialog of the application. Print from the command line using the command lpr -Plp filename, where filename is the name of the file to send to the printer.

In the upper selection field, define the method to use for the calculation of the screen resolution and screen geometry. Do not change anything unless the monitor is addressed incorrectly and the display is not stable. Furthermore, you can change the size of the displayed image and activate the power saving mode DPMS.

in the main window following the completion of the settings for your monitor and your graphics card, test your settings. Thus, ensure that your configuration is suitable for your devices. If the image is not steady, terminate the test immediately by pressing Esc and reduce the refresh rate or the resolution and color depth. Regardless of whether you run a test, all modifications are only activated when you restart the X server. Do not modify the settings unless you know what you are doing. Your system may no longer boot if you specify incorrect settings. Wait a few seconds before putting the paper back into the trays and switching the device back on.

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To our knowledge, the following GDI printers are not supported by SuSE Linux. Nevertheless, a number of these printers are supported by SuSE Linux. However, their use is often rather problematic and some features might not be available at all, for example, the printer could be limited to low resolution monochrome printing. The following list includes the GDI models that can be directly configured with YaST.

In this example, the default printer queue lp is used, but the -P option allows you to specify another queue. For instance, the command lpr -Pcolor filename tells the printing system to use the color queue. Use this dialog to access some additional hardware-dependent (driver-specific) and hardware-independent options.

to convert PostScript data into one of these other standard printer languages. Every normal printer should at least be able to print ASCII text directly. However, there are devices that cannot print ASCII text directly, but are able to handle one of the other standard printer languages mentioned below. However, for the most part this data is not available in a form that can be processed by the printer.

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If there is some kind of error in the communication between the computer and the printer, the printer may no longer be able to interpret data correctly. This can cause the output to be garbled and use up large amounts of paper.

If needed, change special queue settings or restrict access to the printer. However, normally there should be no need change anything here. Details about the possible settings are provided in the printing chapter of the Administrationshandbuch. If YaST is unable to autodetect the printer model, there may be some problem on the hardware level and some manual intervention is required to configure the connection. To learn about the steps involved in this, refer to the Administration Guide. If YaST is able to detect the printer model automatically, it can be assumed that the printer connection works on the hardware level and no settings need to be changed in this respect.

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Because SuSE does not test GDI printers, there is no guarantee that the list is correct. Different printer devices must be addressed through different print queues. In the CUPS printing system, users can determine individual printing settings, as the entire configuration of a queue is not defined by the system administrator. Rather, printer-specific settings are stored in a PPD file for each queue and can be offered to users in a print dialog. If necessary, the PostScript data is converted to another printer language. The print data is temporarily stored in the print queue. The print spooler sends it from there to the printer filter.

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