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There are many iPad Apple Pencil apps that help you explore your creativity and boost productivity. Check out these third-party Apple Pencil-compatible apps that will allow you to step up your iPad game. You will get a different pen icon to draw, write, or to sketch. Interestingly, and despite its name, Apple Pencil doesn’t have an eraser opposite its drawing tip. For creatives, the goal of Apple Pencil plus iPad Pro is to recreate the experience of drawing or painting with traditional tools but in a digital way. You don’t need to be a professional to appreciate just how well Apple Pencil works either.

  • Shaper3D is free to use but you can upgrade to a pro version for more features.
  • The magnetic connector is on the side of your iPad with the volume buttons.
  • Create collages easily using this free Instagram app, compiling up to nine photos in various combinations.
  • Perhaps the most obvious of those is Scribble, which essentially allows you to handwrite anywhere where you would otherwise type.
  • First, whether you check this out are creating content for a brand, and second, what your interests are, out of a list including music, food and drink, and home décor.

With a rating of 4.7 on the App Store from over 291.2K users, Microsoft OneNote is undoubtedly the best iPad note taking app you’re looking for. This application is most often used on the laptop or desktop. But actually, it is more suitable for tablets supporting the stylus like iPads with Apple Pencil. OneNote is like a three-ring binder with labels which allows the users to create notes directly or collect pages from other sources.

Why I Started Writing With Apple Pencil

Quickly add text or logo to a single image using our online app “Add Text to Photo”. All you have to do is upload a photo from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox, then add and edit your text or logo. With Kapwing’s Add Text tool, it’s simple to put text layers on top of any photo, video, or GIF for free. Kapwing supports many image file types including JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, and more. Just upload your multimedia or create a collage out of several images.

A sense of value is another important consideration. Some apps are free, others paid for outright, while some make use of an ongoing subscription model. Most of our paid-for recommendations come with a decent free tier or trial period. Not everyone can justify the expense of a pricey note taking app, but at the same time, some of the best apps aren’t free.

Change Individual Word Color

With the Hootsuite app you can schedule Instagram posts to publish later, even if you can’t be at your desk. This way, you’re always posting content at the optimum time to engage your audience and filling your social media content calendar. Hootsuite also makes it easy to monitor your competitors’ Instagram content and track hashtags. Plus, this app has features that are specific to Instagram, like making the video square for Instagram display.

You can also create funny photo memes for social media platforms. ImgLab is one of the best photo sticker apps on the Appstore for creative iOS users. It comes with a variety of tools to edit and retouch your photos. If you want to add different types of moustaches, beards, hairstyles, clothes, body parts , eye glasses, funny objects or tattoos on your photos, you must try this app on your iPhone.

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