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For example, chronic kidney disease can cause a very gradual worsening of these signs that you might not notice on a day-to-day basis. Other possible causes can include a hiatus hernia . I think that he needs urgent veterinary attention – this suggests a serious gastrointestinal problem; not only that, but the vomiting itself can be dangerous due to dehydration. Unfortunately, without knowing the cause, there’s no way for me to say what’s going on, or whether your cat will be all right. A change in behaviour, vomiting and lethargy in a cat with an underlying health condition (e.g. urinary disease) definitely needs a check up, sooner rather than later. It’s probably “just” a stomach upset but there are nastier possibilities, and the illness is also likely to worsen his urinary health, so book an appointment for today, if possible.

My brother is a vet so we take great care of her. Many times they don’t take long to establish their chain of command; however, sometimes it may take longer. Was once told that I couldn’t save every cat in the world. But it means the world to the ones that are rescued.

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In this article, we’ll explain the multitude of reasons why your cat may be vomiting and let you know when it’s time to take your feline friend to the vet. It’s difficult to know – he might just be sleeping off a tummy upset, or there might be ongoing problems. Ideally, I’d advise a vet check; if he’s keeping water down, you could delay it a bit and see if he gets over it, then restart food with a really bland diet. But if he doesn’t start to bounce back within 24 hours of the vomiting stopping – vet time. Could the situation be because of food allergy/poison? Also in the 8 days since he bit me, there was absolutely no change is behavior.

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I’m struggling with waiting or taking her to emergency. I’m worried she could possibly have a blockage. I should say that she doesn’t feel warm to touch, her wound has no oozzing or redness, so I don’t think it’s an infection.

  • I couldn’t find a photo of a cat with actual Easter lilies (which is probably a good thing!) – they are, of course, white.
  • I’m so sorry your dog has been unwell I know how difficult it is when your pets wellbeing has taken a turn.
  • Click Allow when asked for your browser to access your files.
  • In my experience as a veterinarian, I’ve found that the most common cause of poisoning is lily pollen.
  • What are the twists and turns of the Dewi Srikandi story?
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