Determine TEEP It takes account both gear losings (as assessed by OEE) and Plan losings (as calculated by usage).


Determine TEEP It takes account both gear losings (as assessed by OEE) and Plan losings (as calculated by usage).

What’s TEEP?

TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Efficiency) is an overall overall performance metric providing you with insights regarding the real ability of one’s manufacturing procedure.

TEEP is computed by multiplying four factors: accessibility, Efficiency, high high Quality, and Utilization.

Let s shortly contrast OEE and TEEP:

  • OEE steps the percentage of Planned Production Time that is truly effective.
  • TEEP steps the portion of in history this is certainly truly effective.

In the event your TEEP rating is 100% then you’re making just great components, as quickly as possible, without any stops, 24 / 7 (24/7). To phrase it differently, no Schedule is had by you losses with no OEE Losses.

TEEP could be the proportion of completely Productive time for you to in history. It will require into consideration routine losings and OEE losings (the latter shown right here damaged to the Six huge losings).

Just Just How is TEEP Calculated?

TEEP is calculated as:

The following is an example that is simple predicated on a manufacturing procedure having a 65% OEE rating, this is certainly operating two 8-hour shifts each day, five times each week.

TEEP while the Concealed Factory

TEEP suggests how capacity that is much waiting is unlocked in your њhidden factory ќ. Put differently, it shows just exactly how much potential you need certainly to increase throughput together with your present gear. In many cases, reclaiming time from your own concealed factory is a quicker much less high priced substitute for buying brand new equipment.

TEEP can also be used to obtain a feeling of your prospective product product sales capability because it takes under consideration the complete ability of the manufacturer. Bear in mind though, that even a world-class manufacturing facility operating 24 hours a day usually achieves only 80% to 90per cent usage of total ability.

Manufacturing Ability and Application

Capability can be explained as the total amount which can be created. Coming from a discrete production viewpoint, we are able to define capability as the utmost wide range of components that may be made. Capability is basically a part-based metric ( ag e.g., our capacity that is current is red widgets each hour).

Application can be explained as just just how something that is much utilized . From the manufacturing that is discrete, we could determine utilization as the percentage of the time that production gear is employed. Application is basically a percentage-based metric ( ag e.g., our utilization that is current is%).

Views on reduction. Interestingly, losings can be seen from three views:

  • Component Units (we destroyed 1,000 products of prospective manufacturing)
  • Time devices (we destroyed a couple of hours of manufacturing)
  • Portion products (we destroyed 17% of our organized manufacturing Time)

All three views they can be handy dependent on regardless if you are thinking when it comes to sales/capacity (component products), labor/utilization (time devices), or manufacturing overall performance (portion products).

In which a document part and an interpretation memory portion match precisely and possess the exact same document framework, this really is a framework match.

a not as much as 100per cent match is a match that is fuzzy. The theory is that, a fuzzy match could be something between 99% and 1%. Nonetheless, there clearly was a point below which there is certainly inadequate functional content in the interpretation because of it becoming of good use. This cut-off point is referred to as ‘fuzzy match limit’.

Fuzzy Complement Threshold

The standard match that is fuzzy for SDL Trados Studio is 70%. Which means if the amount of match between an origin document part as well as an interpretation memory portion is significantly less than 70%, they have been addressed as having no match after all.

The fuzzy match limit is an environment that may be raised or decreased.

To create the match that is fuzzy for the:

project, utilize the Project Settings dialog package.

standard options, utilize the Alternatives dialog package.

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