Sexual inquiries: ‘Don’t risk intercourse without a condom’


Sexual inquiries: ‘Don’t risk intercourse without a condom’

Andrologist and microsurgeon Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti should be responding to rediff visitors’ intimate questions on a basis that is weekly.

Final thirty days, we invited Get Ahead readers to mail inside their concerns. This is actually the 2nd group of reactions :

Is sex with prostitute girls and understood ladies safe or otherwise not? Exactly what are the guidelines or medications should after be taken had sex using them despite the fact that putting on condom? Please think over this as priority post and question your remarks.

Thanks & Regards Manian

No intercourse is truly 100 per cent secure since most folks are notorious liars about their intimate techniques — even partners. With prostitutes, the danger increases several-fold. In reality, the standard mode is certainly one of contracting an STD (intimately transmitted disease/s). Known women can (and do) have facets that are many might be unknown for you. This may include being good for STDs, including HIV. Celibacy and masturbation will be the just 100 % practices that are safe! Doing risky intercourse after which using ‘umbrella’ medicine just isn’t a good or constantly effective concept.

Dear Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti,

I just got some bump that is red my internal penis skin.I didn’t intercourse with any woman i recently masturbate a great deal. Nevertheless now days it really is irritation whenever I do masturbate, please assist me away offer me some recommendations.

Real lesions regarding the penis must not be identified and treated without medical assessment, or at the least photographs that are clinical. You’ll want to see an andrologist.

Dear Dr Sudhakar Krishnamurti,

I will be a 42 years old male. I will be hitched for the past 12 years. Going back about 24 months have always been watching that during the time of intercourse my penis will not get aduquate tightness, ergo rendering it extremely tough to own intercourse because of the partner. I do so when in a or want Swinger Sites dating 10 days and even after this gap, this is the issue week. Please advice some treatments with this otherwise intimate life is dying very quickly.

Warm Regards, Anonymous

That which you’ve got is famous nowadays as erection dysfunction (or ED). The older term with this ended up being `impotence’. If ED makes its very first look at 42, after a long time of normal intercourse, the main cause is most probably real (organic) in the place of emotional (practical); particularly if you have been in the exact same relationship. ED in center age is oftentimes a forerunner or consequence of diabetes, raised blood pressure, heart disease, etc. The causes of ED are noted on . You will need a andrology that is professional and therapy.

I will be struggling with delayed ejeculation, please assist me. IT REALLY IS SECRET TRY NOT TO DISCLOSE. Bye.

Delayed ejaculation, additionally known as retarded ejaculation, may have many different reasons, quite a few emotional. Chapter 19, later Comers and Marathon guys within my guide Sexx is Not a Four-Letter Word addresses this problem at length. Treatment can sometimes include numerous modalities, including counselling.

I’m 28 12 months male that is old Mumbai. I’m hitched and now have a child. I’ve a problem that is peculiar. I will be drawn towards attractive dudes as well as have sexual intercourse with a few. Exactly what needs to do? I will be totally frustated.

You clearly don’t expect us to genuinely believe that that you do not understand what your problem is known as?! there is nothing strange regarding the issue. You may be a homosexual. Acknowledge it and cope. There isn’t any treatment plan for this. But be sensible adequate to simply take precautions if you’ve got a wife (and kid). You can spread infections. Use protection in your pants if you can’t keep it. You may be aware of AIDS?

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