Bidet Maker Tushy Launching Cheek2Cheek, a Dating that is poop-Centric App


Bidet Maker Tushy Launching Cheek2Cheek, a Dating that is poop-Centric App

Tushy’s Butt-focused dating app Cheek2Cheek

Sooner or later throughout the last several years of application development, you’ve undoubtedly wondered whenever we’d achieve the inflection point of crazy promotional apps that straddle the line between self-promotion and standard functionality. These applications will often have attraction so long as a normal social media marketing development period rather than much beyond that. They work, serve an instantaneous, generally speaking ad function after which vanish to the void. Well, you can easily end wondering. The Cheek2Cheek software from Bidet maker Tushy completely encapsulates every thing fantastic and wrong about flash-in-the-pan applications.

Let’s set set up a baseline for what’s about to occur. Like a community we have been enthusiastic about

butts and poop.

Poop jokes are about since universal since the work it self. We send inside our waste materials for technology. We clog pipelines round the globe with this wish to have hygiene. Then when a bidet business chooses to start a niche dating application for (ugh) “like-behinded” visitors to fulfill, it should not be an excessive amount of a stretch to assume the instant viability and lolz that could bring about this type of software achieving distribution.

The time has come to start an internet dating application, that much is guaranteed. In accordance with Complement Group’s (, OkCupid, Tinder, Hinge) 2nd quarter profits report, there is a 15% leap in brand brand brand new readers considering that the beginning of COVID-19 as singles don’t have a lot of to complete during an international pandemic than order Uber consumes and swipe incessantly.

Cheek2Cheek (starting first-in beta) functionally works like Tinder or any comparable application, concentrating on a swipe remaining and right based system to provide suits to your inbox. The real difference, as of this true point, must be evident — it’s exceedingly poop-centric.

Apart from the standard matching requirements (age, sex, location, etc.,) Cheek2Cheek may also motivate and permit people to publish details about their particular bowel motions, restroom practices along with other butt/gut wellness associated dilemmas. This seems positively terrible. As some sort of attraction factor is a level of personal openness that even the most kink-centric dating apps dare not reach while we’ve accepted fecal culture with a mildly open mind, taking that information and sharing it.

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“The interest in human being link hasn’t already been greater. This era of personal isolation made things more challenging for solitary individuals to satisfy and interact with like-minded people. In change, niche internet dating apps have actually increased in appeal,” says Tushy president Miki Agrawal. “We’ve seen dating apps for Tesla owners [this ended up being a hoax], ocean captains, bacon enthusiasts and more pop-up recently. Individuals bathroom practices and convenience degrees of pooping in-front of a lover can be quite divisive for the commitment and also this software might help hash those issues out for good. We’re excited for all to display their particular real poo-sonality and fulfill like-behinded folks.”

As soon as people subscribe to Cheek2Cheek ( most most likely whilst in the lavatory, currently doom scrolling through their particular applications) they are able to integrate images of by themselves and their particular poop. That’s right, this software promotes fecal pictures that are fetish in addition to photos of people’ physical restrooms or lavatory setups. And even though this application is poop-focused, it couldn’t hurt to wash your bathrooms a little before publishing it on an app that is dating savages. People, like many internet dating applications, can scroll through pages and like or pas. If people fit, they are able to content one another plus the software offers video that is face-to-face which once again, will probably be utilized on the bathroom . because that is where our company is with this specific.

Cheek2Cheek is just a long distance from making bidets, but as well talks up to a tradition this is certainly obsessive about its restroom practices. So that it’s just rational that people bathroom that is same come to be factors in shared destination. I’m maybe perhaps perhaps not totally obsessed about the images of poop, but since

poop is really a screen into our health and wellness it looks like a solid (that’s not a pun) method to find out a bit more about a potential partner.

To be able BDSM Sites dating app to deliver a wider interest its software, Tushy can be providing to pay for the marriage prices

(up to $20,000 USD) of just one fortunate few should they initially satisfy on Cheek2Cheek when it officially launches, therefore save your valuable date-stamped texts. If it marriage is not poop-themed then actually, all this work had been for naught. Chance flushed away. Okay, that is sufficient.

Cheek2Cheek will start in beta on Apple iOS and android os.

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